RAP2 - Multifunzione Singolo

Rap 2 – Simple multifunction
Front tool-holder for quick clean up in orchards and vineyards (pruning, mechanical and chemical weed-killing treatments)

RAP2 multifunction is a front tool-holder for quick clean up in orchards and vineyards of every width, can be work on level and slightly hilly fields and combined with back shredder, with drastic reduction of work cleaning times, labour and fuel costs.

Technical characteristics

  • RAP2 is composed of a central frame, a lateral arm manually extensible or by means of a jack, simple work section to choice, support legs
  • working by means of the hydraulic system of the tractor, minimum 60 HP powered, provided of a pump 30 lt. almost, and three quick couplings (exercise pressure max 20 bars)
  • lifting of work section by means of a jack simple effect, while extension of lateral arm can be manual or hydraulic with a double effect jack with block valve     
  • it is applied on the front of tractor with a special junction (ballast frame has to be removed)
  • easy and quick interchangeability of work section, that are manually adjustable in every direction for work in plantations with different conformations              
  • it can assemble a rotary brush for clearing away pruning, diam. 75 or 100cm with nylon rods and support disk on ground, or a self-levelling hydraulic wheel for mowing weeds diam. 60cm with two articulated rotary blades enlargeable in three positions and adjustable in two positions as regards as height from soil, with support little wheel, or an inter-stump hooded bar for weed-killing treatments with support little wheel
  • arm of the frame is free and work section is always supported on the soil, so always follow conformation of the ground, even if there are subsidence       
  • rate of advancement is in relation with quantity and consistence of grass to cut, or with quantity of pruning to collect, and contemporary use with shredder too
  • width RAP closed from tractor centre (wheel or brush included) 1,20mt  while all extended 2mt 
  • weight 130 kg. with work section
  • available as well with connection to front or back lift  
  • product in conformity with CE safety standards with declaration of conformity and maintenance handbook


  • using a front tool makes it possible a considerable reduction of work times, that means a saving of labour and fuel costs, and minor stress for the operator that has only control in front of himself
  • labour time and fuel costs, wear and tear of tractor are practically almost reduced of a half if it use in contemporary a shredder, because it’s possible cut grass or break up pruning on the centre of inter-stump too
  • use of self-levelling wheels exclude chemical weed-killing treatments, in respect of environment, operators and consumers safe

RAP2 with disco diserbo4