A Family Business

Cesari S.r.l.
PREMIUM 4.0 - Carro semovente

Basically, we are a family company that have never wanted expand itself too much, and change its historic seat, located between orchards of Bologna country. CESARI company has been founded like machine-shop for construction and repair of farm tools, and for early 15 years attend to fixing, reselling and manufacture of sprayers, into first planner in Italy. Then, at the end of seventies go into the company the daughter of the holder and her husband, first rakes for pruning have been produced, which will be distributed in all Italian countries in a short time. Afterwards, participation to some international expositions take customers from Europe and from far away, where nobody of us believed to arrive. From many years our equipment are distributed in North America, Chile, Australia, in Middle East, and with great satisfaction we go on to furnish both faithful customers and new distributors in countries where fruit-farming has been introduced not long ago. We have reach other customers and ambitious aims with winning idea of BOX-TRAIN system and new multifunction tools. Today, that we have transform our company in limited by shares with young and persevering new partners beside us, in new seat of Bondeno (Ferrara), we face a new challenge: still improve us with a new important product, with help of our experience, much optimism and a renewed management.