Certified Products

We care
the safety of our customers.

Our equipment are accompanied by the relevant Instruction Handbook and Declaration of Conformity. It’s not the matter of dangerous machines subject to specific safety norms, but since 1995 we have done the choice of respect basilar safety norms during design and production, and affix CE mark and a serial number for a quick identification of the machine. All that involves a serious work of search and construction of laws, valuation of risks coming from foreseen use or from not correct use reasonably foreseeable, arrangement of an handbook to enclose to the machine; this preliminary research, if made with attention and seriousness, give to producer the correct instruments for project and realize machines basically sure, correctly protected, qualitatively suitable to move on internal and external market, on which to affix a CE mark that has a real value, owing to is supported from the previous plan as above.

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