Carrelli BOX-TRAIN PR – Trenino per raccolta frutta

BOX-TRAIN PR – Fruit harvest train
For facilitate autumn fruits harvest

Box Train PR


  • Perfect for a convenient, safe and speed harvesting of fruits, citrus and various agricultural products also on very wet and muddy ground
  • Suitable for plantations at least 2,50 meters in width with grass total cover, as well with central drainage
  • Use in single or multiple pairs like a little train, easy junction of a pair with the other
  • Every pair or train has to be pulled by a little tractor
  • Transfer speed on empty or total load 3-4 km/hour
  • Trolley weight kg. 90
  • Trolley capacity one plastic box with feet
  • Pair of trolleys length 3,50 meters
  • Internal dimension of loading plain mm. 1260×1150
  • Height from soil of loading plain mm400
  • Two wheels for trolley 15×6.00-6 with bearings, protection rings and grease nipple (total max capacity kg. 600) placed inside loading plain, without transversal axle, adjustable wheel-track ext. min. mm950 max mm1150 (by request)
  • Loading plain in hot galvanized sheet thickness 50/10, crate holder mm630x430 thickness 40/10, drawbar in square tube 50x50x4, articulation plates in sheet thickness mm20 with antifriction seal, lateral protections without transversal axle
  • BOX-TRAIN special system (junction – articulation – levelling – inclination)
  • Trolleys entirely detachable for facilitate transport and maintenance
  • Not homologated for road traffic or people transport
  • CE safety standards product equipped by declaration of conformity + use and maintenance handbook